Controlling Browser Web History

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Yesterday I accidentally closed a browser tab with a topic I hadn’t finished with . Today it was too late to Reopen Closed Tab so I decided to look for it in Browser History and realised there were far too many entries to find it easily.

There is a lot of browser history that serves no purpose. I do not need to record every visit to my web email accounts, Facebook or my own websites to work on them. But I do not want to clear all of my browsing data. I need to selectively delete and stop further recording.

After trying out a few extensions I finally settled on one that suited my requirements, “History AutoDelete”. I love the way it not only stops history entries from websites you select being logged but allows you to erase all previous entries from that site. It is available for two browsers, Chrome and Firefox and can be downloaded here:

History AutoDelete for Chrome

History AutoDelete for Firefox

Caveat: If Syncing across devices is enabled you will need to deselect syncing for History and restart the browser.



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