I Bow My Head In Shame

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I feel such a fool.

Today I managed to get Conduit Search on my nice new computer.
I was downloading a couple of freeware programs I had successfully installed in the past with no problems.

One of them must have been the culprit. I, like a fool, had assumed there would be no problems this time round and must have let one get through with default settings, always a mistake with freeware programs.

I suppose it could have been that I am still getting periods of lack of concentration, thankfully, lessening each day.

Conduit Search is not actually a virus, but you certainly don’t want it on your computer.

After a quick search I found this How to remove conduit search and followed the instructions.

Firefox done
Chrome done
IE done

Opera was not mentioned in the article and is not affected as far as I can see.

Luckily I had none of these

No registry entries
No Autorun tasks

One benefit was that I found “An Important Choice To Make: Your Browser” still in the scheduler although I had already done this. Maybe it was because I did not chose IE. In fact I had not even used it until I had to remove Conduit Search.

Nothing in Startup or Services
No other files folders or registry entries found.

That may be because I am running the Professional 64 bit version of Windows 7.



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