Phil Dyer is now live

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Yesterday I made the decision to buy a domain for my name. Over the years I have made a few websites but never one for myself in the title role, so, this will be a first.

As the .com was already taken I decided to buy the I know I am not a company but when the shorter domain .uk launches in February first choice will be offered to first.

Having already got an account with I registered with them at 17.45 06 Dec.

I am not hosting with them as I have an account with the excellent free hosting provider so the first thing I had to do was go into GoDaddy Domain Settings and change the Nameserver Settings. After that I needed to use Heliohost’s cPanel to configure Addon Domains.

19.00 06 Dec
Domain now pointing to a Heliohost placeholder page with information saying waiting to configure account usually takes 24 hours.

11.56 07 Dec
Tah Dah. Now Live.
I am well pleased with GoDaddy and Heliohost, the whole process took much less than 24 hours.



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