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This is it, finally I am going to start changing the look of this website from the default Textpattern theme.

I started the preliminary work on my home web server some months ago before getting sidetracked and have forgotten a lot of what I did so I will be writing an article about it as I integrate the changes here.

I won’t have the temerity to title it as a How to, there are so many good ones out there. But, as a beginner myself I will have some idea of what others will need to know. Sometimes it is so easy, if you know about a subject, to take the really basic stuff for granted.

I shall also use this as an opportunity to practice writing in a structured data fashion that should make it easier to follow and has the added benefit that it is good for SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation ).

Update 30th May

This took a bit longer than expected.

Not so much the doing, more the explaining. I do not think I am a natural writer, technical or otherwise. But I have finally got the post to the stage where it is worth publishing.

I believe it now works as an article although I have still got a few more things to add and I am not quite sure whether I will do this in the original or write a part 2.

I am quite pleased with the title and its double meaning. It can be seen in it’s whole glory here:

Theming With Textpattern – A Beginners Guide



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