Textpattern error on update from 4.5.7 to 4.6.2

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Today I decided to upgrade Textpattern to its latest iteration using Installatron Applications Installer.

At first everything seemed to go OK – the blog loaded well but when I tried to log in as Admin to write a post I got this error.

config.php is missing or corrupt. To install Textpattern, visit setup.

There is,of course, no setup for the link to go to, so I go in search of config.php. I find it on the top level directory textpattern/ and seeing a sub directory also called textpattern decide to move the file there.

I try logging in again. This time I have lost the error and now get a 404 Not Found page. So, as I have moved the config.php down a level, I try pointing my login link to here also.

Et voila!
Back in business.

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