Updating Textpattern 4.6.2 to Textpattern 4.7.1

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I am back again – in more ways than one.

It had been so long since doing anything with this site that I had not realised that the latest version of PHP broke my Textpattern 4.6.2 and visitors could only see a couple of lines of error codes.

My first port of call was the Installatron Applications Installer, but it’s latest version was still 4.6.2 , so I had to do it the hard way.

After backing up my data I first tried following the upgrade path but I couldn’t get it to work. Most probably because I think on the previous major upgrade I had to move a couple of files to make it work.

Anyway every cloud … For some reason my Textpattern was in the directory textpattern/textpattern/ and to me it looked untidy so at least I had the chance to amend this and have all the files in the right place.

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