Updating Textpattern default theme to Four Point Seven

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I have been taking time off from writing my Beginners Guide to actually work on my own theme especially my About Page which I had cobbled together when I first started using Textpattern.

It was just a section with an article using the default page and default article and looked a bit of a mess. It was while doing some research into how to do it properly that I came across this post.

Have section list page show a single article?

The only problem was that I was being told to replace something with somethingelse and I didn’t even have the something.

My default theme is out of date somehow. But How? I have been doing all the updates. Have I been doing something wrong?

OK. I do some more research and find this.

Update 4.6.2 to 4.7.0 missing four-point-zero

Which gives the reason and the solution without having to do a complete re-install. Result.

It is kind of comforting to know I am not the only one, but I may be the last and I feel really foolish that It took me so long to realise. Maybe I should make a new category “I am an Idiot”.



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