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The upgrade to Windows 10 went smoothly – now to see if anythings broken.

It has not messed up the MBR so I can still boot into Linux Mint.

My first priority. Does my TV program work. It starts up OK but all I’ve got is static. It is easily remedied though by going into settings reminding it I’m in the United Kingdom and retuning. I make sure it’s still running in Compatibilty mode for Windows XP as I do not want to have the same problem as when I first recorded a program in Windows 7.

My old Microsoft Office 2002 applications all work.
My equally ancient Photoshop 7 also works.

In fact the only thing that seems to be broken is Dexpot – some windows are appearing on all desktops not just the ones I want. A quick google and I get this result from the Dexpot Forum a nice easy fix.

So far – so good



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